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“We will show you how to make your message go viral using journalists, bloggers and influencers. Get FREE media coverage this month and every month, fast track your business growth, reach more people, score instant credibility and increase sales.”

Attend The Live Half Day “Publicity Seminar” And You Will Learn:




You don’t need to invest countless hours and dollars in the social media ‘slow burn’ (you know – posting, liking and commenting for hours on end but never converting this to a sale) to get your message out there. Nor must you spend thousands of dollars on advertising or hiring a PR firm to create your media campaign! It’s easy to create big media results yourself in just a few hours per month – as long as you know what to do and how to do it. Journalists and bloggers are often desperate for stories – and they love to hear from small business owners and entrepreneurs like you who are passionate about what you do. You can easily learn the right approach to get featured on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and online for FREE.



As journalists and bloggers ourselves we will show you what a journalist really wants and how the media really works. Getting media coverage is not complicated, difficult or expensive. We will show you the proven steps to take to get thousands of dollars in free publicity and how to do it on an ongoing basis



Do you watch Sunrise, A Current Affair or Sky Business and think ‘if only I could get that kind of promotion’? The good news is there is an incredibly easy and proven system of coming up with stories the media will love – and you’ll learn the exact process at this event. In fact, as our personal guarantee if you don’t walk away with at least 3 news story ideas for your business, we’ll refund you the cost of attending the seminar.



Do you send a press release, pitch an idea, or write an ‘opinion piece’? With the media moving online, now more than ever before you need to know which approach to take and what will give you the biggest and fastest results. You’ll learn exactly which approach is best and why.



The headline and the opening line of a press release are critical to the outcome. In this event, we will show you the exact methodology we use to get the attention of a journalist or blogger, and more importantly keep them interested in your story. This approach works with every type of media organisation – in fact we have journalists now thanking US for sharing this information because it’s making their lives so much easier!



One of the best things about getting media coverage is that you can use it to improve the search engine rankings of your web site. You’d be surprised how many small business owners and entrepreneurs we’ve helped get to the home page of Google using this secret technique that virtually no one else is using – this information alone, makes the event worth attending!

Who is Sue Papadoulis – And Why Should You Listen To Her?

Sue Papadoulis - Journalist & Publicity Expert

I’m a journalist by trade and the founder of Publicity for Profit – the disrupter media company (you can see my video at the top of this page).


I worked as a journalist and news editor but the negativity of news got to me, and I decided to move into PR (or as I call it, the dark side!). I worked in government, private enterprise and started my own PR agency generating on average $6million a year in free publicity for my clients. But it just wasn’t enough… I wanted to do something more.


I launched into the online world with a website for women working from home, Home Biz Chicks and scored national media coverage on A Current Affair. I realised that I could easily and effectively teach entrepreneurs how to do their own PR work and get great results. And so, my seminars and trainings began. I now employ journalists around Australia to spread our teachings that help small businesses get free media exposure. In fact, Publicity for Profit students have appeared on just about every major media organisation you can think of in Australia.


Importantly, I walk my talk – I’ve used public relations to generate millions of dollars of free publicity for myself. I’ve been featured on TV, digital news sites, blogs, radio programs and in newspapers and magazines around the country and the world.

And now our journalists are available to teach you how to do the same

As journalists by trade we know:

  • What a journalist wants and needs from you
  • How to get their attention. And especially
  • How to give them exactly what they need so you get a great story.

Publicity for Profit Live Half Day Seminar
Sue Papadoulis Live Publicity Seminar

You can take in half a day of our exclusive 2 day training

FOR JUST $97.00 ($695 value).

This is not an introduction. It is a small-group seminar full of unique, nothing-like-it content that you can use straight away. This is not one of the big seminars where you’re one of 300 people who will never truly understand the content. We limit the number of participants to 20-25 so we can deliver maximum value and personalised attention to everyone in the room.


LIVE half day seminar

To Be Notified

Bentley Technology Park Function Centre

Presented by Journalist Sue Papadoulis

EVENT TIME: 8:15pm ’till Midday

— or —

To Be Notified

Bentley Technology Park Function Centre

Presented by Journalist Sue Papadoulis

EVENT TIME: 8:15pm ’till Midday

How Daniel got to number 2 on Google and tripled his inquiries after being on Channel 10!

Free Publicity TV Interview“The impact from being on Channel 10 has been dramatic. My business enquiry rate has literally tripled in two days.

Thanks to the high level links from Channel 10 and the exposure of my url on TV, Google took my business web site from the bottom of page two to the second listing on page 1 of search results in 5 hours. This opens the very real possibility that I could knock my multi-million dollar multi-decade operating competitor off their perch.

My efforts to get into the media have gone from occasional mentions in my local paper to positive national TV exposure.

What Publicity for Profit’s gift to a business owner is to take away the veil of how the media works and reveal how journalists and news producers think with wisdom and insight that only a ‘high level insider’ can give.

Understanding this you can provide content to journalists that is attractive to them and makes their lives easy.

Daniel Phillips, Sydney Ghost Tours

Book Now – Spaces Are Limited and Will Sell Out Soon

“An interview with Ch 7!”
5 free publicity stories“Had my first interview with Channel 7. Thanks Sue for all your knowledge and training… taking action pays off. Looking forward to impacting thousands of people’s lives this year.

My Second Time on Sunrise
5 free publicity storiesHuge thanks to Oryana for helping me get a segment on Sunrise. Second time on the show – great fun. I also recorded a great interview today for ‘Talking Business’ with Qantas inflight entertainment. We talked about my next book The Speed of Collaboration as well as the importance of Executives and Leadership Groups partnering with professional coaches. I’m so grateful for being able to share my story. Thanks Oryana.”

“Our story went viral internationally!”
5 free publicity stories“Just wanted to let you know that we have had an amazing response to the media information we have distributed in recent weeks. Radio interviews, three of the top selling women’s magazines to promote the project nationally over 8 months, 7 News, Weekend Sunrise, Better Homes & Gardens, suburban and regional press. We’re now taking our display to London with the help of the Victorian Government. While we knew that the story would break, we weren’t quite expecting the avalanche that has ensued. Thanks Sue and Oryana. I am forever grateful for your workshop.”

“$80,000 in free publicity – including a Channel 7 exclusive and a public speaking engagement worth thousands!”

$50,000 in free media publicity

“After the Publicity for Profit course I sent out our first press release to mainstream media and had Channel 7’s Morning Show get back to me within two minutes wanting an exclusive!
It not only generated a huge, nation-wide response but we also had print media wanting to do stories as well.
Since then Scott has scored his first live speaking engagement as a result of someone watching the Morning Show. The Publicity for Profit course is a must!”

“7th Story in Just a Few Months”
5 free publicity stories“This is the seventh story I’ve had in the papers since October last year. I’ve had so many stories that I’ve had to create a media page on my website.”
I’m just putting the finishing touches on my latest fashion article for Swan Magazine and working on the next Community News fashion feature
There’s no way that my soul trader business would ever have had the $$ to invest in the amount of media real estate I’ve cultivated since attending Sue’s course.
We’re tackling TV next – I’m so excited!”

A 13 Minute Story on A Current Affair
5 free publicity stories“Here is our 13 minute story on A Current Affair! Thank you Sue and Oryana – really can’t ask for more than that!”

“National coverage from one press release!”
5 free publicity stories“Sent our first release off yesterday to the editor of Career One and was about to make the follow up phone call when I received an email reply from her. She wants to run our story in April! She’s asked for some specific people to interview in relation to the story.
Thanks so much Oryana and Sue for the workshop. Now we’ll be getting national coverage in newspapers and possibly on the Career One website too. We would never have achieved this by ourselves! We’re over the moon!!”

“They’re running my article!”
5 free publicity stories“Just received a request for hi res images from Go55s for my Back Pain without drugs press release. They are going to run the article on Thursday!
Thank you so much Sue and Oryana, I would never have done this without you!”

“Best $97 I ever spent!”
5 free publicity stories“I wrote a press release in about half an hour after attending a publicity seminar. It got published on several news sites with a link to our website, which is awesome for our SEO! And the real win here was that I didn’t agonise over it for days – I actually enjoyed writing it! If you think you don’t have time or energy to do them – think again! Best $97 I ever spent”

“I filled my workshops thanks to one media interview”
5 free publicity stories“I’m off to a great start with a fun interview with Steve Mills about ROC TEEN on 6PR’s morning show and also a great feature in the Bunbury Mail and Geraldton Guardian newspapers.
Thanks for your help in spreading the word to parents and teens about ROC TEEN workshops and Creative Parenting. My phone and email have run hot and our Perth workshops are close to fully booked! Thanks Sue!”

“6 Times on TV”
5 free publicity stories“Our 6th Channel 7 story in just under 2 years will air tonight on 7 News “Top Suburbs for a Magical Night of Christmas Lights”
Never thought a few years ago our little business would ever get on TV, never mind 6 times!
Thanks again Sue and team, most certainly couldn’t have done it without your teachings ongoing support and advice.”

“5 stories in the media in 4 weeks! The journalism insider knowledge is gold”
5 free publicity stories“After the Publicity for Profit workshop I came home and sent out 4 press releases and within 3 hours I had a call from a journalist wanting to interview me the next day.
All I can tell you is what Publicity for Profit teaches works. It’s the journalism insider knowledge that’s just gold.
Absolutely go and do the Publicity for Profit workshop. You will come away with so many gifts of knowledge and you will have the tools to create whatever amount of publicity you want. Thanks Publicity for Profit, you rock, love your work!”

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